In February, when ice covers the sea and river, and everything is set for enjoying the winter, Pärnu hosts a festival for families all across the world. With ten days of fun activities and exciting events, Pärnu Ice Festival brings the summery buzz back to the snowy resort. For the fourth year in a row, the Ice Festival brings more than 20 000 visitors to Pärnu, offering numerous activities for all ages.

There will be ice and snow, sports and shows, dancing and singing, and to top it all, an open-air concert "Estonian Party" as a highlight of the festival.

The theme of this year’s Ice Festival is ICE MUSIC. A musical instrument from ice with an overlong string will specially be built for the festival, offering our visitors a splendid musical experience every evening.

Festival introduction (.pdf)

Ice Music

For the Ice Music performance, Dream String Orchestra will be making a special musical ice instrument.

The sound of this special musical instrument, with an overlong string, will be amplified and transformed, unifying the pulse of the sound with slack line show - tricks on tensioned webbing.

Dream String Orchestra is a group, formed by people with different musical backgrounds, unified by searching spirit and a belief, that all instruments in the world have not been created yet.

The cast of musicians:
Taniel Kirikal - countertenor;
Peeter Rebane - author of the musical instruments, performer, electronical effects;
Kristjan Priks - percussion instruments, author of the musical instruments, performer;
Katri Rebane - claviers, author of the musical instruments, performer;
Meelis Lusmägi – light design.